Zeroing Out Addiction

There is no shame in addiction.

I don’t know a single human being who doesn’t have at least one addiction. You are not alone!

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46 MILLION Americans reported having substance abuse addictions.

Only 6% got help.

Recent Survey National Survey of Drug Use and Health

*And this is only substance abuse!

The Problem


“The only problem we really have is thinking we’re not supposed to have problems.” (Tony Robbins) Being stuck in shame keeps you from recovering. “Problems call us to a higher level – face & solve them now!


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vaping | smoking | food addiction | porn + | substances | control & other emotional addictions

Different Solutions

Most people who work with Jenn discover the path to recovery is more enjoyable and rewarding than they expected. Fill out this form to get started.

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The Benefit of These Recovery Tools

Addiction is being out of balance and heading further in the wrong direction. Let's team up to move things the way you want them to go, faster, and with better results. Whatever the reasons you started, ALL of you will experience healing.

Whole Self – Core 5 Healing






More Benefits


During our sessions, I guide you using tools designed to reset your unconscious mind (also called deep or core work). You don't have to talk about your past. You keep your personal stuff private.

Continual Progress

The tools are yours to use whenever you need them. You can use them for other areas of your life, too. The healing process extends far beyond our sessions.


As you gain healing, I openly encourage you to teach these tools to others. There are people out there ONLY YOU can help.

These tools support 12-Step Addiction & Anonymous recoveries, traditional therapies, and other addiction recovery programs.

Is Jenn the right guide for me?

Jenn Alba Coaching

Success Stories

K. N. - Age 20

All I’m saying is, please get help… Pick the right person, someone who works because they want to, Ms. Jenn was the right person for me.


I was really shy at the therapy session, so all I did was listen and avoid eye contact. But it’s okay because Ms. Jenn got you. She is gentle, she listens to your silence, she hears your unspoken words.

L. N. - Teenager

I have the biggest trust issues out there and I trusted her with my issues. I was mentally ready and felt safe enough to take a step.


I was a nicotine addict for 1 year, 30$ every 2 weeks. And that was 5000 puffs (vape) – basically a hit every 10 minutes. I talked to Jenn, and you know what’s good? It took me way less time than I thought.

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 Master Neurolinguistics Programming [NLP] Certification (What is NLP?)

 Professional Addiction Counseling Diploma*

 EMDR Therapy Certification*

 Internationally Accredited Trauma & Recovery Practitioner*

*In progress

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