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Introducing iLead: Growing Leaders Who Create Powerful Positive Change


Welcome to iLead, John Maxwell's innovative program tailored for student leadership development. At its core, iLead combines renowned leadership principles with a peer-to-peer approach. This gives students consistent opportunities to learn and apply leadership skills in real-time. This program provides transformation, fosters authentic connections, and helps youth discover their voices. Learn how you can integrate iLead into your youth's journey. Join us in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.


What Is iLead?

iLead is John Maxwell’s values-based leadership development designed specifically for students. This program combines John’s proven content with a peer-to-peer process. Students practice leadership as they are learning it.


Why iLead?

Is the climate in your school struggling? Do students need help finding their voice or connecting with one another? Do you simply want a better future for your youth? iLead’s peer-to-peer process provides an environment for students to develop authentic relationships. The program helps youth be intentional in learning and living good leadership values.


I’m a Teacher/Parent/Youth Leader. How Do I Use iLead?

iLead works best in small groups of 4-6 students, preferably once a week, during a course. It is unique, being peer-to-peer. Registering adults act as a sponsor (See Sponsor Guide under Resources). Sponsors train students to be facilitators (See Student Facilitator Guide under Resources). Content is accessed for FREE digitally (after registration) or printed at your own cost. Students submit a pre and post assessment, and the sponsor is asked to submit attendance. The assessments and attendance records help iLead program developers. They track the effectiveness of the program. They also help with future improvements.



iLead is a powerful resource for cultivating leadership excellence among today's youth. By harnessing John Maxwell's timeless wisdom and fostering peer-to-peer engagement, iLead empowers students to embody and enact positive change within their communities. Whether you're a teacher, parent, or youth leader, embracing iLead is a testament to your commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. Take the first step today by registering and immersing yourself in the transformative journey of iLead. Let's unlock the potential of our young leaders and ignite a ripple effect of impactful change.


Additional Questions:

How Do I Get Started?

To start using iLead, register on this page. View a sample lesson here. Watch the video on “Transformation Tables”. After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email. This email provides you with credentials to our web-based learning system. There, you have access to multiple iLead course options.


Have questions? Register for the monthly Zoom call to learn more.


What Are the Costs?

There is no charge to access the iLead material. The goal is to value people, grow leaders and transform lives.  The John Maxwell Foundation is committed to making the curriculum accessible to as many  youth as possible.  The only request is 1. for sponsors to submit student attendance at the conclusion of each iLead unit, and 2. for students to complete the unit pre and post assessments provided within the iLead platform.


About The John Maxwell Foundation

The Maxwell Leadership Foundation is passionate about growing leaders who create powerful positive change. One of the most effective ways to do this is by getting people around a table ("transformation tables"). Join us in intentionally learning and living good values. iLead provides a world-wide proven tool to accomplish this.


What Ages Does iLead Help?

iLead is widely used for middle school students ages 11-13. The iLead program has been implemented with high school students successfully. Maxwell Leadership recently launched an elementary version of iLead.

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